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Asian-Inspired Home Décor and Design

In the pursuit of designing a home just the way you envision, there are countless sources of inspiration to pull from. Asian-style interiors are known for their ability to bring a sense of calm into a space. This helps to create something everything homeowner can see the value in—a relaxing home environment. In recognition of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we’ve compiled a short list of popular Asian-inspired home décor and design themes to consider incorporating into your home.

Asian-Inspired Home Décor and Design

Connection to Nature

One of the principal tenets of Asian design is a connection to nature. Using natural materials, a nature-influenced color palette, and houseplants in your home are all ways you can begin to create an interior that borrows from themes of Asian design. The bathroom is often a focal point for incorporating Asian-inspired natural materials. Using stone, wood, pebbles, and other materials will help your bathroom feel like it’s out in nature. Light stone tile in the shower will help to create the backdrop for a cascading water effect over smaller rocks and pebbles, while decorative wood elements can help tie the space together. These are just a few Asian-inspired design themes that can help take your bathroom to the next level.

Using natural colors will help to create a timeless aesthetic in your home. Whether your use of this color palette is exercised in large surfaces areas, such as wall paint, or in smaller accent pieces, such as complimentary décor items, natural colors will help deliver the serenity you’re looking to curate in your home. When decorating with indoor plants, organize them throughout your home based on their needs. For example, place plants that require more sunlight exposure in open areas and plants that have greater watering needs in easy-to-reach locations.


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Feng shui

Feng shui, a practice that has existed in Chinese culture for thousands of years, has been largely influential to Western home design. Feng shui was founded on the idea of balancing oneself with their environment. In the modern world, the practice of feng shui has evolved into a relationship between humans and the objects with which we share our living spaces. Feng shui can often have the greatest impact in the bedroom. If there’s something off about the orientation of your bed, it can be tough to get consistent, healthy sleep. A slight change in your bedroom’s feng shui may be just the adjustment you need to revitalize the space.


The connection between Japanese Zen philosophy and Western minimalism goes back centuries. Tenets of Zen culture such as simplicity, open space, and removing unnecessary features directly influenced America’s own minimalist design pursuits. Nowadays, minimalism in home design is most often exemplified in the way we arrange our spaces, in eco-friendly decoration, and through the use of clean geometric lines. This focus on the essential not only has aesthetic value, but can also have greater environmental benefits, such as reducing waste.

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