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Simply Luxury: A Guide to Curating Artwork in Your Home

The following is an excerpt from Windermere’s Simply Luxury magazine – Winter 2021. 

Though stylish furniture can add to the design aesthetic of your home, its role is largely functional. Art, on the other hand, is where you can make the biggest impact on your home’s character and warmth. A gallery wall with pieces you’ve hand selected can influence the mood of an entire room while adding a personal touch to a home’s overall feel. The following information will help inspire you to curate sculptures, paintings, prints, and photographs that will add to the beauty and personality of your home.

A Classic: Gallery Wall

An eye-catching way to display art in your home is with a gallery wall. The best part of curating a gallery wall is choosing exactly what speaks to you. This design element can influence your mood and add character to your everyday space. Try playing with texture, type, or styles to create a personalized collection of décor elements that are perfect for your home. 


Image Source: Getty Images – Image Credit: DjordjeDjurdjevic


Unexpected Texture

Don’t be afraid to think outside the picture frame and get creative with your pieces. A good art installation is about more than just color and content. Texture and depth can take your artwork to the next level. Try incorporating an intricate frame, sculptural elements, or a piece with varying textures into your display. This is the perfect option if you’re trying to create a focal point for an entire room, especially in larger spaces like the living room or dining room.

Make it a Reminder of Your Travels

Curating your artwork can entail more than simply hanging a few personal photographs. Because this is a space you will pass by and look at every day, it should feel special and personal. Consider collecting mementos and art pieces from different places where you’ve traveled and incorporating them into your display. This will not only add a unique touch to your artwork, but it will also give you an opportunity to reflect on pleasant memories.


A man smiles standing in his hallway lined with framed photos.

Image Source: Getty Images – Image Credit: TommL


Get Personal and Keep it Crisp

If you’re looking for a classy, timeless look, invest in a set of frames that are similar in shape and size. A crisp black-and-white gallery wall will make a powerful statement in any space. When set in a symmetrical grid, the monochrome display reads clean and fresh and doesn’t overwhelm the accompanying décor in the room. This is also a great opportunity to add a personal touch by incorporating family photographs.

Stick to a Color Scheme or Style

Frame a mix of photography, illustrations, and collages in shades you’d like to incorporate into your art collection. This is the simplest way to create something that feels cohesive without straining for a complex design. If you have a certain artistic style you feel drawn to, consider filling your entire display with it. The common elements inherent in that style will direct the eye and bring a sense of unity to the space. 

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