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5 Tips For Maintaining Your Property

Owning an equestrian property can be an amazing asset, but it also requires a lot of hard work. With some attention and care, you can keep your property well-maintained and functioning smoothly. Here are some tips to help you maintain your equestrian property to the highest standard.

Investing in the Right Materials & Equipment

One of the smartest things you can do with your equestrian property from the beginning is to invest in high-quality materials and equipment. You don’t want to make maintaining your land any more difficult than it needs to be, which is why you should acquire tools that make the job easier, while giving your land the quality care it needs. This also means investing in high-quality materials for your horses and their quarters. Flooring, fencing, and bedding are all important to maintaining your horse’s health. These investments will extend the longevity of your indoor and outdoor structures, creating an environment where your animals can live comfortably.

Examples of items to consider closely are:

  • Tractors, bailing and mowing equipment
  • Stall floor mats
  • Paddock and turnout panels and gates
  • Arena sand
  • Horse grooming supplies such as a wash station, vacuum, sheers and brushes
  • Hay feeders and automatic/heated waterers

Fix the Small Things

With equestrian properties it’s best to fix a problem, no matter how big or small, as soon as it presents itself. Addressing any issue quickly will go a long way in keeping your stable in peak condition and your horses happy, healthy, and safe. A broken fence or leaning post can easily be pushed down, allowing a horse to roam without supervision or boundaries. Something as small as an exposed nail could lead to an injury of your animals or others.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

When you own a large plot of land the responsibilities add up. The more acreage, the greater the chance for a mess. It’s important to make sure your barns and stalls are regularly cleaned for the health and safety of your horses. Keeping those areas moisture-free is also critical for quality horse barn maintenance. A dirty horse stall often attracts unwanted insects, and an unkempt stall could bring disease and bacteria into your barn. Horses may experience thrush and other respiratory issues if their sensitive lungs breathe in ammonia from urine-soaked bedding.

Maintain Good Ventilation

Horses need access to fresh air. It’s important to maintain good ventilation in their stalls, keeping open passages for your horses so the air can cycle through the space. Consistent air flow will also help regulate and maintain temperatures as they change throughout the season. Without good ventilation, your horses are at risk for highly contagious illnesses like pneumonia.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Maintaining your equestrian property is not easy! There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking to outside help to make sure every task gets completed. Even something as simple as a gardener or another employee that would assist you with more specific needs like caring for horses. You can often look to youth or others in the community who would enjoy trading horseback riding with simple chores and caretaking duties. Bringing in some help makes it that much easier to stay on top of your tasks and allow you to enjoy your property at the same time.

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