Real Estate July 2, 2020

Celebrating 4th of July During COVID-19

Image source: Canva


While this year’s Fourth of July festivities will not come with the large crowds and spectacle-filled public events of years past, it is an opportunity to celebrate from the comfort of your home, and ring in the summer in a more intimate setting. Here is your guide to an at-home Independence Day celebration.


Create a backyard oasis

Nothing says “summer” like spending time outside, and the Fourth of July is the focal point of that tradition. Creating a backyard oasis will bring an added dimension to your summertime plans and will give celebrating at home a special touch. Popular summer decorative items such as outdoor furniture, string lights, and plants bring comfort to the outdoors and are the makings for long evenings spent in the backyard with family and loved ones. 


BBQs & Picnics

With summer upon us, it’s the time of year to bolster your barbecue menu, and July 4th celebrations are the perfect occasion to take it to the next level. Here are simple takes on classic Independence Day dishes from the Food Network.


Picnics and Fourth of July go hand-in-hand, so get out your red, white, and blue napkins and continue the tradition—with a twist—in these times of social distancing.

  • Picnic basket swap: Organize a picnic basket swap in your neighborhood, where each household contributes a dish, dropping off the basket at each other’s doorsteps.
  • Socially distant picnic: If neighbors are comfortable with in-person meetups, picnic in a common area, while remaining properly distanced. Take safety precautions for interactions: wear masks except when eating, wash your hands before and after, and remain six feet apart at all times.
  • Virtual recipe share: Exchange your favorite recipes with a friend and find a time on July 4th to prep the meal. Arrange a video chat to eat together and share notes on how the dishes turned out.


Camp out, at home

With restrictions still keeping many parks and campsites closed, round up the family to camp among the wilderness of your home. A money-saving, hassle-reducing approach to a camping trip, this is an opportunity for you and your family to connect with nature in the security of your backyard.

Local burn ban policies may affect your ability to participate in a fixture of the Fourth’s tradition: sitting around the campfire. If that’s the case, heat up the grill and make your s’mores by wrapping them up in foil. Place the foil on the grill and let them heat until they reach that melted, gooey perfection.



With the status of large-scale firework celebrations varying city-to-city, some event organizers have opted to broadcast pre-recorded material in their place. Arrange for your household to tune in or organize a Zoom call with friends to watch the fireworks online together. If your hometown is moving forward with a public firework show, be sure to check their safety guidelines and follow CDC and Department of Health guidelines in attendance.


Though the methods of celebration may look a little different than what you’re used to, the reason for celebrating remains the same. This year is as important as any to commemorate our independence, and these ideas will help you and your household make this at-home Fourth of July a holiday to remember.