Real Estate March 12, 2019

Destination Living – The Allure of Los Cabos


When people dream of paradise, many envision palm trees, stunning sunsets, and long days filled with endless possibilities. In Cabo San Lucas, those dreams are an everyday reality. From pristine beaches to world-class dining and golf courses, there’s no limit to the options for entertainment and relaxation. In an effort to highlight the possibilities of destination living, today we’re shining a light on what Los Cabos has to offer.


While Los Cabos refers to an entire municipality on the southern tip of Baja California in Mexico, the Cabo that springs to mind for most people is Cabo San Lucas. The resort town has established itself as a paradise for those desiring any number of luxuries, but it can also prove more affordable than many other second-home destinations. Both the initial investment and the cost of living can vary, but more often than not, your dollar (or peso) will go further in Los Cabos. Many who seek out a home in this region are pursuing a second home, a retirement locale, or an investment opportunity. Los Cabos provides possibilities for all comers. 


 The quintessential Cabo San Lucas experience is one of luxury and opportunity. Providing homes that allow residents to utilize the resources around them is paramount in Los Cabos. An example of this is the newly-constructed Rancho San Lucas community which is privy to numerous resort-style activities and amenities. Nearby are several scenic hikes with stunning ocean views await, while on the waterfront snorkelers and scuba divers can be found year-round. Golfers have long flocked to Los Cabos, and the newly constructed Greg Norman-designed 18-hole course coming within the community will be a perpetual draw. Tennis courts and nearby access to the extravagant Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas are just a few of the other luxuries at residents’ fingertips.


Cabo San Lucas is well-outfitted to serve full-time residents and seasonal visitors alike. It offers a safe, relaxing destination for those looking to own a slice of their own tropical haven south of the border. Learn more about the Los Cabos housing market and the opportunities it provides for destination living.